In 2015, Amanda started at MMBC, working on the Mesgi’g Ugju’s’n wind farm. She was keen on getting as many Migmaw folks involved as possible. Before long, she became the Project Coordinator, helping locals find jobs not just on MU, but also with road work, the McInnis Cement Plant, and other wind projects in Gespegawa’gi.

Once MU was built, she moved on to the Migmawei Mawiomi Secretariat. There, she teamed up with the consultation manager to ensure community voices were heard.

In 2019, she shifted gears, focusing on getting people ready for jobs until she landed a role with the Gesgapegiag Human Resource Development Commission. The pandemic hit hard, but Amanda was there, helping folks cope with everything from loneliness to finding food.

Now, with her youngest off to university, Amanda’s back at MMBC, ready for the next chapter. In her current role as the Executive Assistant to the CEO, Amanda wears multiple hats. From ensuring the smooth functioning of the CEO’s operations to overseeing financial, administrative, and clerical tasks, she ensures MMBC’s finances stay on track and vendors get their dues on time.

A New Carlisle, QC native, Amanda’s been in Gesgapegiag for 25 years, raising her two kids and being a part of the community.