Board member

Donald is a member of the community of Gespeg with a varied academic background which includes studies in law, communication and marketing, and a diploma in intercultural training. He has been involved in indigenous affairs since the early 1990s, serving as project manager for Ajigun resource centre in Montreal and as a counsellor for Gespeg. In the early 2000s he returned to the Gaspé to work for the MMS in a variety of positions.

Another sojourn in Montreal saw Donald responsible for communications for the team negotiating for increased autonomy for Gespeg. He then worked for the Centre on First Nations Governance as head of public education and communications, while completing studies in cynology, health support and nursing care with excellence. Since his return to the region, he is now responsible for communications and citizen engagement for the MMS. In that position he contributed to the writing of the book “Our History”, about the Mi’gmaq of Gespeg’ewa’gi.