Fred became the MMBC’s CEO in 2020, a position that brought him back to his roots, the economic development field. After he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Administration with a major in Marketing from the University of Moncton in 2004, he moved to Ottawa where he held strategic positions and developed an extensive network of contacts. He worked for the Congress of Aboriginal Peoples and for the Aboriginal Financial Officers Association Canada.

Back in Listuguj in 2011, Fred was a highly sought-after person to oversee the economic development and expansion opportunities his community wanted to seize. His high versatility and knowledge of the Mi’gmaq, English and French languages and cultures made him a key person to deal with provincial taxation issues and the major land claim that led in 2013 to a $ 65 million compensation from the federal government to the benefit of all Listugujewaq. He also worked as Director General of the Mi’gmaq of Gesgapegiag Band Council for five years before joining the MMBC team. As its CEO, he carries the responsibility to develop and expand natural resources projects and other economic ventures to create sustainable prosperity for all three Mi’gmaq communities.

The product of a Mi’gmaq father and an Acadian mother, Fred was raised among English-speaking Listuguj children and French-speaking friends from the French schools he attended in the Acadian community of New Brunswick. He knows historic rivalries and tensions all too well, but his family background always made him – still today – sensitive to the realities of both communities. His favourite piece of advice from his grandfather is: “Never judge a book by its book cover, and never burn bridges.”