What we do

Mi’gmawei Mawiomi Business Corporation (MMBC) serves as the general partner of Mi’gmawei Mawiomi Resources LP, managing the essential administrative tasks and legal responsibilities of the partnership. Beyond this, MMBC actively identifies and pursues new business opportunities while also keeping a close eye on existing ventures to ensure their success.

Ta’n telmawilsutaquat’gw

We believe in transparency, and our obligations to communicate openly to stakeholders.

Ta’n telwo’gmawtultimg

Balance profit generation with social, environmental and cultural well-being.


We think highly of our people and respect the work we do for them.


We believe that MMBC has a role in supporting our communities' well-being.

Indigenous expertise at work


Our projects are balanced and respect our people and our land

East Coast Wind Inc.

East Coast Wind, based in Maria, Québec, is a leading wind operation and maintenance company offering various services to wind farms across Canada.

PLC Info

Based in Northern New Brunswick, PLC Info offers comprehensive IT solutions, from network installation to cybersecurity and personalized tech management coaching.

Mesgi’g Ugju’s’n

The Mesgi’g Ugju's’n windfarm, which means "big wind" in Mi'gmaq, is located on public land in the Avignon Regional County Municipality.

Our shareholders are our community leaders – the Chiefs and Councils – and while they don’t manage day-to-day tasks, they have a big say in our direction. They ensure our ventures align with what we all care about, and most importantly, they decide how the profits from our projects are shared, keeping our communities’ best interests at heart.