Who We are

The Mi’gmawei Mawiomi Business Corporation (“MMBC” or the “Corporation”) is an organization established by the three Mi’gmaq communities located on the territory of Gespe’gewa’gi, namely, Gesgapegiag, Gespeg and Listuguj. The three communities are the registered and beneficial owners of the shares of the Corporation.

Mi’gmawei Mawiomi Business Corporation is the general partner of Mi’gmawei Mawiomi Resources LP (MMRLP). This means that MMBC is responsible for ensuring that the administrative work and legal obligations are carried out for the partnership.

MMBC is also responsible for identifying and pursuing new sustainable business opportunities for MMRLP as well as monitoring agreements and commercial ventures.

There are currently three commercial ventures, the Mesgi’g Ugju’s’n (MU) wind farm, PLC Info LP, and East Coast Wind LP (ECW) .


In five years, MMBC will have become business development experts.  It will have active opportunities for sustainable development of natural resources as well as in service and knowledge industries sufficient to support meaningful improvement in employment and economic security for member communities.

MMBC activity will also have identified valuable education, career paths, and further business opportunities to enable and support empowered Mi’gmaq.

Guiding Principles

Exercise wisdom, due diligence, integrity and ethical practice in all spheres of activity

Balancing profit generation with social, environmental and cultural responsibility

Transparency and accountability

Ensure respect for roles, authorities and mandates


MMBC’s mission is to identify and manage sustainable business opportunities that will support the economic independence of the Gespe’ gewa’ gi.


MMBC believes it is important to monitor and deepen the understanding and application of traditional Mi’ gmaq teaching techniques in economic development.

Ta’ n telmawilsutaquat’ gw = responsibility
Responsibilities create accountability. We must exercise wisdom, due diligence, integrity and ethical practices in all our activities. We believe in transparency and our obligation to communicate openly with our shareholders.

Ta’ n telwo’ gmawtultimg = We are all part of the same family
We work for the benefit of all. We must balance our quest for income and wealth creation with the social, environmental and cultural well-being aspects that guide our communities.

Gepmite’ taqan = Respect
We promote respect for our communities through the work we do with and for them. Our commitment to excellence in everything we do is based on this respect. We respect the roles and authority of our shareholders and believe that we will achieve great success by working together.

Ulo’ gnitew = Community wellness
We believe MMBC has a role to play in the social development and overall well-being of our communities. In particular, we need to share our knowledge so that our communities can make choices about education and entrepreneurship that will support the growth and success of individuals. Their successes will add value to all our communities.