Calling all Mi’gmaq Contractors or Businesses? Join the MU2 Wind Project in Gespe’gewa’gi

Are you skilled in your trade? Do you part of a business or work as a contractor? If so, an opportunity awaits you! The Mi’gmawei Mawiomi Business Corporation (MMBC) and Innergex Renewable Energy Inc. are joining forces. Together, they are advancing the 102 MW Mesgi’g Ugju’s’n 2 (MU2) wind project. This initiative seamlessly extends the existing 150 MW wind project in Gespe’gewa’gi (the MRC d’Avignon area). Thus, it promises significant benefits for our region.

Why Work with the MU2?

The MU2 wind project will create around 200 jobs at its peak. It aims to elevate the wind energy sector in Gespe’gewa’gi, also known as the Gaspé Peninsula. By joining our team, you’ll contribute to wise resource use, community engagement, and a reduction in carbon emissions. Additionally, you’ll step into a venture that cherishes sustainability.

Why are Mi’gmaq Contractors and Businesses Essential for the MU2 Wind Project?

We especially want to partner with Mi’gmaq contractors and businesses. This venture goes beyond merely harnessing wind energy. It seeks to foster strong community ties and stimulate economic growth in Gespe’gewa’gi. Your local expertise and unwavering commitment are invaluable to us and crucial for the success of this green energy initiative. Our partnership with Mi’gmaq contractor businesses is vital to the MU2 Wind Project’s success in Gespe’gewa’gi, offering skilled Mi’gmaq tradespeople a chance to contribute to sustainable development.

Are You Ready to Dive In?

We are searching for dedicated individuals and businesses. Are you thrilled about renewable energy? Eager to contribute to a more sustainable future? If yes, we are looking forward to connecting with you!

Start Your Application

Getting involved is straightforward. Just visit our page to express your interest.
You can easily start your journey towards contributing to a greener future.

Journey with Us Towards Sustainability

This venture is more than an energy project. It’s a giant leap towards fostering a sustainable, engaged community. Your skills and enthusiasm can significantly shape our journey toward a greener future in Gespe’gewa’gi. Don’t hesitate! Visit our page, share your details, and let’s embark on this venture together! Through collaboration, we can spark positive change, creating a lasting, beneficial impact.

Opportunities for Individuals

We are also actively seeking individuals interested in contributing to our project, even if you’re not a business or contractor! A form for general applicants is available on our page. Fill it out to express your interest, and our team will connect with you promptly.