Benoit Jr, or BJ as everybody calls him, just loves numbers. His talent for working with numbers began in school and now he is in charge of making them balance as he does the MMBC’s accounting. BJ studied in Accounting and Management Technologies at Lennoxville’s Champlain College and has worked in the field since. Benoit Jr worked for the Gesgapegiag Band Council and the Gesgapegiag Human Resources Department.

BJ is also a videogame afficionado and is the person you call in the office when you have a problem with your computer. He is always eager to learn new computer skills and to help the designer of the in-house accounting software used by the MMBC to finetune the application. BJ is a solitary worker who feels privileged to work in a friendly workplace and in a quiet and spacious office. He likes the closeness of the Gesgapegiag community which has always been a positive and important aspect of his life.