Board member

Trevor wants to bring positive change to his community by sharing his optimism and successes. Now a software architect working from home in Gesgapegiag for Introhive, a company based in Fredericton, New Brunswick, he describes himself as a “serial entrepreneur and self-described autodidact” who “loves working on hard puzzles where he has to use both left and right hemispheres.” He has built several start-up companies, one of which he still retains ownership in. Throughout his career, wherever he has worked, Trevor has been recognized by his teammates as a technical leader.

A brilliant Mi’gmaq student in Computer Science at the University of New Brunswick, Trevor was a talented teen interested in sports and science. He got his business sense from his dad and his self-confidence from his mother and sisters. What he likes the most about the Mi’gmaq culture is the fact that it is a “matriarchal society that is nurturing and caring for each other.”